• Hiatus

    St Ouen

    For Now


  • Danny Richardson
  • St Ouen
  • 49.2099896, -2.224278445


Hiatus is Cyrus Shahrad, a British-Iranian music producer living in London. Since the early 2000s he has been releasing records that fuse electronic music with Middle Eastern influences: from the samples of old Iranian records that run through his debut ‘Ghost Notes’ (2011), collected while working as a journalist in Tehran, to his latest album ‘Distancer’ (2021), which for the first time sees him working with Iranian musicians. He is a keen surfer and a regular visitor to Jersey.

"I love how Danny’s photograph captures the cosmic majesty of sunset at St Ouen's, a place I’ve surfed a couple of times. I was excited about trying to capture that in music. I recently completed a pretty intense electronic record, and my hearing has suffered as a result, so I decided to strip this back. The track is basically me playing a heavily dampened piano, and my friend Faraz playing an Iranian string instrument called a kamancheh, plus a few very minor effects. I like the idea of someone standing on the beach and listening on headphones, entirely absorbed in the moment, the sounds of the sea filling in the spaces in the music."

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