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Andrea Belfi

Andrea Belfi is a drummer and composer. Belfi has gained a strong reputation for his charismatic solo performances, opening for Thom Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes EU and US tours in 2019 and Nils Frahm’s Nonkeen in 2016, and by playing together with Mouse on Mars, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Mike Watt, David Grubbs among others. Artfully blending the acoustic with the electronic, his music is equally energetic and hypnotic, featuring long-arching immersive soundscapes. A live performer at heart, he has performed at the likes of the Greek Theatre (Los Angeles), Philarmonie de Paris, Montreux Jazz Festival, Fox Theater (Atlanta GA), Barbican Centre (London), Unsound Festival (Krakow), Issue Project Room (New York), CTM Festival (Berlin).

“This picture is a beautiful impossibility. The heavy grey stones, aligned with the equinox and meant as a pathway to a grave, sit among the humid and intensely alive and green grass. To fight so hard not to be forgotten, to resist the effacing brought on by death is so movingly human. And then nature takes over, time passes, faces are indeed forgotten: yet not the human effort to resist oblivion. As a musician, I thrive in the ephemerality of my music, the uniqueness of each sound decaying almost immediately after I have summoned it from my instruments. And yet, I do understand this impulse to exist, to resist. It is the bulwark against which we push against to carve out a meaning for our life.”

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