ArtHouse Jersey’s ‘Roaming Soundtrack’

A magical audio-visual adventure, curated by Rob da Bank

ArtHouse Jersey Logo

Welcome to ArtHouse Jersey’s ‘Roaming Soundtrack’, an audio-visual art project expertly curated by the eclectic purveyor of outstanding music, Camp Bestival & Worldwide FM’s Rob da Bank. We invite you to this celebration of the pairing of the great outdoors with well-chosen music, which together create a deeply-enhanced experience.

Rob has commissioned seven renowned music artists or acts to produce seven pieces of bespoke music in direct response to a variety of specially chosen locations across the Island of Jersey, all of which have been photographed by skilled local photographers.

For those on the Island, at each location you can find a listening post with a QR code that will bring the related piece of music directly into your ears, in-situ. For those further afield, we invite you to enjoy the marriage of music and nature through this website. No two moments in the same location are the same experience. As we begin to tentatively re-emerge for Spring 2021 how will you experience your Roaming Soundtrack adventure...?

Explore the music, artists, locations and photographs below...

Listen to the playlist