• Groove Armada

    Seymour Tower

    Langsame Marmelade


  • Natalie Mayer
  • Seymour Tower
  • 49.1695957, -2.029509108

Groove Armada

Since debuting in 1997, Groove Armada have proven to be one of the most influential forces in dance music. They’ve shown that it’s possible to bravely explore a multitude of sounds while achieving critical and commercial success. It’s a trait that’s apparent within a selection of their best loved songs. From the dancehall dub of ‘Superstylin’’ to the crossover pop of ‘Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control)’ and from the dancefloor-igniting ‘I See You Baby’ to the woozy sunset vibes of ‘At The River’, Groove Armada have consistently and uncompromisingly followed their own vision.

Tom Findlay said “It’s a jam that started in my studio, and I imagine we always had a bit of Roy Ayers in the back of our minds, the piano riff has that ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’ kinda vibe. Bass groove was done here in N16’s Tom Tom Club studio, then the track was sent over to keyboard maestro Tim Vine, who played with the band from time to time back in the day. He’s one of our favourite musicians to work with, has played with Kid Creole, Chaz Jankel, and formed part of that UK jazz funk scene. So he just jams (the title is German for Slow Jam) and we make sense of all that good madness. There’s clavinet, rhodes, oberheims and a baby grand in there. It's a lovely way to work, I’m so pleased this piece won’t be forever lost in my studio.”

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